Friday Night Dinner 4/1/16

Friday night dinners have always been a special and important thing for me and my family.  It wasn’t so much from a religious aspect, just a pause and time for reflection at the end of a week.  When I was little we would go around the table and talk about the best thing that happened to us that week. It was also a constant, which adds stability to life.  Dinner wasn’t only reserved for family.  We had an open door policy and always had guests over.  These are some of my favorite memories.  Here is how the day would go.  My brother and I would come home from school, have a snack and then it was time for chores.  I would dust and clean the bathrooms and my brother was on trash and vacuum duty.  Once that was complete, it was time to help my mom in the kitchen.  It wasn’t just a main and a side or two, it was an entire production.  Our Friday dinner would rival some families Thanksgivings; and we would do it every week!

Now that I have my own house and I am in charge, it is a little on the smaller side.  Mostly, because there is just two of us, but I still want to keep the sentiment and the feeling going.  Sometimes planning dinner is a huge pain in the butt.  I love when my husband has requests because it makes my job way easier.  Today was one of those lucky days.  We got a coupon in the mail for BOGO dry aged New York Strip steak, which is a no brainer.

The menu for tonight consists of:


New York Strip steak cooked to medium-rare

Balsamic reduction

Roasted asparagus with a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper

Sauteed mushrooms with lots of garlic

Dijon red potatoes

Chinese Almond Cookies with fresh mango

We will be pairing dinner with a full bodied Sangiovese from Reininger Winery that a dear friend of ours was sweet enough to bring us from Walla Walla, WA.


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