Balancing Baking and a Healthy Lifestyle

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I mention that I bake and someone asks how I stay in shape.  The thing about leading a healthy lifestyle is balance.  Everything in your life requires balance.  Work and life.  Work and sleep.  Or in my case, baking and leading a healthy life.

Like the majority of women, I have struggled with weight and body image for most of my life. Here is the interesting thing about me, I may love baking, but I don’t have an insatiable sweet tooth. Don’t get me wrong, I also get that 3 pm craving for something sweet or salty but I make choices.  I don’t always make healthy ones, but I try.

Baking is all about the process for me.  The individual ingredients coming together to make something special.  Then getting to watch what happens when heat is added and a delicious smells fills your house and makes your neighbors salivate.  But the most rewarding moment for me is when I give someone a box of treat.  Their eyes light up when they open the box and then they take their first bite.  There is that split se
cond when a new treat hits taste buds for the first time and if everything in the process goes as planned, a smile. When I worked in accounting I would compare it to when  I walk into someone’s office and hand them a check.  Baking, for me, is all about seeing that joy and happiness that a box of sweets can bring to someone.  1004474_10151741127663024_1897564027_n

It is much easier to resits baked goods when you give them away.  My other secret weapon is chocolate has a sneaky way of making me break out.  Although there are times I cave, I usually value having clear skin over a moment of joy. The important thing to remember is we are all human.  If you want something sweet you don’t need to deprive yourself.

Because I am human and no longer have the metabolism of a 16 year old, I need to take steps to allow me to try my own handy work.  My current saving grace is a program developed by an Australian trainer named Kayla Itsines called the Bikini Body Guide (BBG). I know what you are thinking, these programs are a dime a dozen. Although I would typically agree, I think this one is the diamond in the rough and worth the time.  I may not stick to the program as well as I would like, but this 28 minute circuit training done 3 times a week will kick your butt.

I have done my fair share of training, but this one has really worked for me.  So if you are like me and love baking, or eating, or you are just a normal person who wants to lead a healthier life but don’t have the time to spend hours upon hours in the gym give BBG a shot.

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