Adventures in Bainbridge Island

One of the first sunny beautiful days of the year called for getting out of the city.  We had been talking about going up to Skagit for the tulip festival, but it just didn’t work with our schedule this weekend.  I would say that it was a compromise, although getting away for a couple of hours in by no means chump change. I also enjoy being able to hop on a ferry and see for miles when it is a clear day.

When we got to Bainbridge and walked from the terminal into downtown I realized that it was a little bit warmer than I had expected, I had checked the weather I swear! Alas, I love small downtown areas with lots of local shops.  I could seriously get lost for hours just wandering around.  Since we were starting to get hungry, we ducked into a small bakery to get something cold and a little bite.  I was so excited when I saw that they had a seasonal spritzer.  That was exactly what I was in the mood for and even better it was in my favorite flavor wave.  Cranberry ginger, could you get more delicious? I developed a serious addiction to all things ginger after moving to Seattle.  Not only does it have health benefits, but after you have tasted Rachel’s Ginger Beer I would be shocked if you didn’t become addicted.  Also, Moscow Mules…enough said.

I would love to say that the apricot cream scone we got to go with our spritzer from Blackbird Bakery blew me away, but it didn’t.  It was tasty though, made for a nice afternoon bite and gave me a chance to continue my learning process of taking pictures of food. Look at that texture!

After that, we explored all kinds of home goods stores.  I added yet another greeting card to my ever growing stash.  Yes, I still use snail mail. More walking and more exploring until we were finally ready to eat lunch.  Since I use Yelp like there is no tomorrow, it was a no-brainer where we were going to have lunch: Hitchcock Deli.  I love small places that really have a passion for their craft, because honestly it shows in the product so I give my support whenever I can. I also have a weakness for roast beef especially when it’s paired with horseradish aioli.
 After more walking around and exploring the rest of the shops we were ready to go but then I realized that one of the most highly rated places on the island we hadn’t gone to yet.  I wasn’t even hungry but I can’t pass on a chance to get amazing ice cream, especially when there has been a line out the door all afternoon.  You have to be doing something right to have that much foot traffic all day.  We had to stop by and see what all the fuss was about, I couldn’t leave without knowing. Our last stop on this island was at Mora Iced Creamery. When I read up about the shop and learned that it had ties to Buenos Aires and they had THREE flavors that featured dulce de leche, I knew exactly what I had to get.  I was so entranced by how light and beautiful my scoop looked that I didn’t even have a change to take a picture.  Rookie mistake, I know.  So visit their website to see how beautiful all of their flavors are.

I loved spending a food filled afternoon out in Bainbridge.


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