Importance of Freezer Meals

I may love cooking and baking more than almost anything else.  When it comes to food I don’t just think about it, I read about it, dream about it, fantasize about it, and anything else you can do with it.  But, that doesn’t mean that I want to make dinner every night.  It happens.  Sometimes I am just not in the mood to cook, or too lazy to plan out what I want to make and go to the store and get ingredients. This is where freezer meals come into play. I have dedicated the top shelf to ready made meals.

It is so wonderful to have already made food that is delicious for when you just can’t be bothered to make a meal.  My freezer is stocked with two categories: breakfast and dinner.  I do have a rule that breakfast items (with the exception of biscuits) can’t be eaten on the weekends.  They are reserved for the crunch time in the morning before work.  Our very favorite freezer staple are breakfast burritos.

Breakfast burritos can be filled with anything your heart desires but in our house, the standard is Carb balance tortillas, scrambled eggs, MorningStar Farms Links, cheese, and salsa.  A few comments about how this selection came into being.  First, Carb balance tortillas, these may be slightly more expensive, but being able to have less carbs and higher fiber without effecting the taste is a win in my book.  Always looking to make quick breakfasts into a rounded out meal. Next, MorningStar Farms products. If you grew up in a house that kept Kosher, or you are vegetarian, you might know about this.  I always say that they are an acquired taste, but the reality is that you need to realize that these do not taste like the items they are a substitute for.  With that said, they are quite delicious, low in fat and high in protein. I am always looking for coupons for them because I go through quite a few of them due to the fact that I incorporate them in most of my breakfasts.

When I have time, I whip up about a dozen or so assembly line style to keep in the freezer.  I use one egg and one sausage per tortilla, so multiply that based on how many you want or how much room you have in your freezer.  If you are unlucky like I am and have the smallest freezer known to man, you might feel the squeeze and keep to small numbers. I have to admit that every now and then I have to call up a friend of mine to pawn off food on him when I get a little too big for my britches aka where did all the space in my freezer go?!?!?
The other thing that I keep in my freezer are soups and casseroles.  Not only do they typically freeze really well, but for me they are comfort foods.  I cook the casseroles in disposable 8×8 trays so they will fit in my freezer and for easy clean up. My mom shared a tip with me, after I took up all my freezer space by putting soup in disposable tupperware, soup and stock can be frozen flat in quart size Ziploc bags for individual portions! How smart is she?

When you have some extra time, do yourself a favor and whip up a couple meals to have on hand.  I would love to know what staples you keep on hand.

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