Using a Netflix Addiction for Educational Purposes- Part 1

For those who know me, they know I have an almost unhealthy obsession with a few things.  Just to name a few: coffee, sushi, and most recently Netflix.  What do all of these things have in common? Guesses? Anyone? Ok ok I’ll tell you, Seattle.  How did I get there? Well it is kind of a funny story.

 Back in the day, when my husband and I were still in college, he got a job offer for a company in Seattle. Although he had been out there before, for a Southerner like me, that seemed like a world away.  While that is very true, the process of trying to convince me to move had begun.  Like any good negotiator, you know to play at the others weaknesses.  He happened to point out that my love of coffee and sushi could be fulfilled like I had never experienced before.  He wasn’t joking, with over 650 sushi bars in Seattle and 35 coffee shops for ever 100,000 residents, this city takes both very seriously.

 Here is how Netflix found its way into all this.  One of the first documentaries I watched was Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  The documentary was beautifully made.  It gave me a greater appreciation and understanding for the art and skill that goes into making sushi.  Not only that, but a deep-seeded need to go to Japan and eat even more sushi.  Well that may not be happening anytime soon, but I do have access to good sushi in my backyard.  Before I get all the eye rolls and naysayers, I would like to mention that the owner of Shiro’s in Seattle trained under Jiro Ono. I cannot even explain how spoiled I feel having such an amazing sushi spot walking distance from my house.

I remember the first time I ate at Shiro’s.  For those of you who love food like I do, you know that when you take a bite of something and it almost brings tears to your eyes, that you have stumbled upon something that is unparalleled.  Imagine having that experience bite after bite.  I find myself looking for excuses to go.  I take all out of town guest and occasionally I just walk by and smile to myself knowing how lucky I am to have experienced such amazing quality first hand.

Shiro Kashiba has very recently opened a second sushi bar in Pike Place Market called Sushi Kashiba.  I can’t wait to have a reason to celebrate that calls for that level of quality in the form of sushi.

I really hope that this has given you an insatiable craving for sushi and that you watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi and head out to your nearest sushi spot.

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