Happy One Year Anniversary!

I am one of those people who will find excuses to celebrate, although I don’t celebrate like most.  For me, it is an excuse to have a nice dinner and cross off a restaurant on my list. No it isn’t an official list, but merely a list in the back of my head based on reviews I have read.  Yes, I actually consider reading reviews and menus a hobby. This hobby brought me to Eden Hill.

Perhaps it is just me, but when it comes to $$$$ restaurants I put them in two categories: fancy and foodie.  I feel that there are restaurants that are expensive for the sake of being expensive and fancy, and then places that are pricey because people who go there just love food and you have to pay for quality.  In my humble opinion, Eden Hill falls into the foodie category.  It is on the small side and tucked inconspicuously in the middle of a block in Queen Anne. The moment we walked in the door, I knew we had made a good decision.  We were seated, wished a happy anniversary and the experience had begun.

We were advised to order 4-6 plates which I was more than happy to do after having glanced at the menu. The meal started with a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc and then the first plate showed up. I have to admit, I was a little on the skeptical side when we ordered the cauliflower ‘chilaquiles’.  I am currently on a mission to try all of the chilaqules in the city, so I knew this was on the list, but still.  I am perfectly ok with admitting I was wrong for ever questioning this dish.  It took me a few bites to realize that the cauliflower had a crunch that really paid a nice homage to corn chips. I loved the bite from the jalapenos and the cabbage, but the main star in my mind was the Manchego crema foam.

image1 (2)Plate number two was a beet salad.  Beets are totally my jam and I will order them 9/10 times they are on a menu.  I love they were paired with a goat ricotta and of course candied hazelnuts.  I am of the belief that there are not enough hazelnuts in the world.

image2 (1)The third plate was a quileute salmon.  I had no clue how much salmon I would be consuming when I moved to Seattle, it is literally everywhere. This time the skin was crisped up so nicely that I loved every bite! The only part that I wasn’t a huge fan of was the smoked and whipped wagyu beef fat.  I think my palette is not quite refined enough to appreciate it.  With that said, I loved the pickled blueberries and the seabean chimichurri.  I seriously could not get enough of the chimichurri.

image3 (1)The last savory plate was lamb tartare.  I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture of it because we were both so eager to try it and it did not disappoint.  There were two large pieces of toasted fresh brioche, a house-made Chinese hot mustard, charred shallots, and a goat milk caramel.  This is one of those plates that I will not be able to stop thinking about for quite some time.

We were so glad that the plates were small enough that we still had room for dessert.  We ordered the ruby grapefruit curd that was served with candied pistachios, a brandy sorbet, and an olive oil grapefruit cake.  You know those moments when you take a bite of something and then all of a sudden look down and realize you guys have almost eaten the entire dish?  Part of me wanted to be sheepish about eating it so quickly, but then I realized it was so freaking good that I couldn’t contain myself and that was fine.

image4I am incredibly thankful to have been able to spend the last year with an amazing guy that I am lucky enough to call my husband. Also, that he appreciates food like I do!  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect dinner to celebrate our first year of marriage.

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