Benefits of an Herb Garden

When you cook as much as I do, or you just appreciate putting together a nice meal every now and then, having access to a fresh herb garden is amazing.  Not only is it economically beneficial but it is also convenient. I love being able to step out onto my balcony and grab a couple leaves when I am cooking.  I also like that it adds some freshness and brightness to our outdoor space.  The picture below is from last year when everything was in full bloom.


This year on the other hand, it is just starting to get warm enough to have plants grow.  In addition to the staples I had last year (mint, basil, and parsley), I have added a few more herbs into the mix this year!  Rosemary and cilantro have been invited to the party and I can’t wait to use them, once they get a little bigger.  I think the cilantro will be a big hit especially if I plan to make any of the recipes my mother-in-law has taught me.  I know practice makes perfect when it comes to Russian and Azeri cooking, but I still feel like a fish out of water.image1

I know I will be adding a few things once things warm up a little more.  I am thinking maybe tomatoes or lettuce.  I don’t really have much of a green thumb and the warm months in Seattle aren’t very long, but we will see. If flowers are more your thing, consider adding some nasturtiums to your garden.  Not only are they beautiful, but they are edible! Everyone wants flowers that are so pretty you could eat them, right?


If you have some time and just a little bit of space, consider starting an herb garden if you don’t already have one.  Your meals and future guests will thank you.

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