The Process of Turning a Hobby a into a Job

For anyone who has read this blog, it is obvious that I have an obsession with food.  In the past week I have taken a huge leap of faith and actually allowed my love of baking to become a job.  The decision is partly strategic and partly soul searching.  It is strategic because if I ever hope to post, “Davik Sweets, coming to a shop near you….” or something to that effect, I need to understand the ins and out of how a professional bakery works.  The other half is that for the past three years since graduating from college I have been working within my major.  From accounting, to consulting, to data analysis, I enjoyed it all but it didn’t make me happy the same way that being elbow deep in flour does.

I know that there is always a risk that turning a hobby into a job will kill the passion and ruin in for you, but I think I have come to the place in my life that I need to know if it’s real or not.  The past three days have been a huge shock to my system.  For starters, after working for myself from home for the past year, getting up early for a morning shift at a bakery is a MASSIVE change.  Thankfully I have always been a morning person, but it will take some getting used to for sure.

The first time I walked into the bakery, I got all wide-eyed. Incredibly envious that I don’t get my chocolate chips delivered in huge boxes or butter in large cubes…I mean really large.  But the biggest surprise was how heavy everything is!  Don’t get me wrong, after doing Kayla Itsines’ BBG on and off for the past year, I have my fair share of muscles, but OMG every day is arms day in a bakery.  I also feel incredibly short all the time.  Why is everything so high up?!

After each of my first two shifts I came home, popped a couple ibuprofen and just collapsed in bed.  I had no idea how draining it would be.  Yes, I realize how naive I was, but baking is not for the faint of heart. Although this is considerably more physically demanding than I had expected, I am so thankful to have already learned so much.  I love the tangibility that I didn’t get from my previous career choices. Today I learned how to roll croissants. Not the prettiest, but hey it’s my first day.

I am so excited to learn all that I can learn and I hope that my love of baking continually increases instead of wanes.


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