Memorial Day Eats

Memorial Day: an excuse to grill out and get off work.  Neither of those things happened, but nevertheless, I had a wonderful Memorial Day.  The weather all week said that it would be cold and rainy, so I planned the menu accordingly.  Even without the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs, our food was by far … More Memorial Day Eats

Pantry Blondies

Welcome to stop number three on this nostalgic journey.  Blondies.  If you have never had a blondie, your life isn’t complete.  I realize that is a very bold statement, but I stand by it.  Growing up, we didn’t eat a whole lot of chocolate but never felt like we were missing out on brownies because … More Pantry Blondies

Sugar Shocks

You know the first time you taste something that becomes your favorite and you know that will be the standard that everything else will be compared to? Well that is how I feel about about my very favorite childhood cookie.  Some people may call them sugar cookies, but to us, they will forever be known … More Sugar Shocks