A Foodies Honeymoon

Hello! My hiatus is over and I am almost through my jet-lag.  The only benefit of waking up incredibly early is my college team decided that it would be a good idea to have their opening football game in Ireland and it would be at 4:30 am PST.  It was nice being awake and functional to enjoy it. I digress.  After my previous big trip with my husband, people kept asking what we did and they were shocked and a little upset when I told them that we hung out in coffee shops and ate lots of pastries, oh and gelato because we were in Italy. This trip wasn’t a whole lot different.  There is something about coffee shop culture that I find very comfortable and easy to enjoy, plus caffeine and hopefully super tasty pastries.

Now that we are a little older and wiser we added in a few really nice meals to balance out all the sugar and caffeine. I think I am just going to go in chronological order and hopefully I can bring a little bit of my trip to you! We landed in Copenhagen after an incredibly short layover in Amsterdam.  So short in fact that our bags didn’t make the connection.  We went to our hotel, got a nice nap in before venturing out for dinner.  I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant we ended up at because it was one of the most memorable meals of the trip.  I was tired and didn’t realize that the menu was also in English as well as Danish so I ordered something that I knew what it was and what was brought out was one of the largest slabs of roasted beef that I have ever seen on a cutting board with a huge carving knife and a small bucket of hand cut and perfectly fried potato wedges.  I wish I had eaten so much more than I did, but I wasn’t feeling great from all the travel.  All I can say is it was quite a memorable first meal.  The next day we went exploring in the city and found our first coffee shop of the trip, Funder.


Not only was it a nice cup of coffee, but the atmosphere was really great.  It felt like a quite local spot away from all the tourist which made a nice stop to just collect our thoughts and recharge.

The next morning we boarded our ship and took off towards Norway.  Oslo was a breath of fresh air and by far my favorite city of the trip.  It’s possible it was because it was sunny and beautiful that day, but I think the city just had a nice vibe.  I know I will get a little judgement from the only meal we had in Oslo, because it wasn’t local cuisine, but we at at Eataly.  We walked past on our way back to the ship and it smelled so good that we decided to stop in.  We shared their specialty pizza which was out of this world. It had a base of a mushroom cream sauce, topped with mozzarella, arugula, more mushrooms, pickled truffles, shaved pecorino and beef carpaccio.  It was on the same level with the most memorable pizza that we have ever eaten, which was in Milan.  We had just arrived, we were starving and it was about to downpour.  We ducked into a Middle Eastern restaurant near the hotel we were staying at.  They had something called pizza kabob which I can’t even quite explain what was on it. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it hit every spot.


Next stop was Rostock, Germany.  We started the day with a microbrewery tour at Trotzenburg which was accompanied by a delicious fresh baked pretzel and of course some beer.


After a tour of the whole city, which was beautiful and interesting, we needed a little bit of an afternoon break.  The coffee shop we ended up at only accepted cash and we hadn’t exchanged any of our money to euros yet so then we had to go in search of an  ATM and finally found one.  We finally did after a little searching and was able to sit down with a nice foamy latte and a cherry turnover that tasted like a Krispy Kreme doughnut filled with cherry pie.

Back to the boat then off to Estonia.  I think Tallinn was number one in our books for foodie deliciousness.  We were supposed to go on a city tour and chocolate tasting but our tour got canceled so we had to give ourselves a tour.  It turned out to be perfectly ok because we stopped into a coffee house for breakfast and got the most fantastic pastry I think I have ever had.  It was somewhere between a bear claw and a cherry danish and each bite was just incredible. I believe it was called a kirsi kohupiima strudel.


We walked all over the city, up and down and then around again.  Before heading home my husband decided that we should have a nice lunch.  My gosh was that an understatement.  The restaurant is called Leib which is also the traditional Estonian bread. Our meal was out of this world.  Each and every element of the dish was very carefully thought out and handled with such care.  We started out of course with some leib and then a celeriac salad with arugula and a roasted hazelnut dressing.


I got pan fried chantarelles with roasted carrots and a roasted onion crema and my husband got slow cooked beef with a black currant glaze and spicy cabbage. It was so tasty that we savored every bite.

Next stop was St. Petersburg  but no fun foodie info because the way our tourist visa worked was that we were only allowed to be on tours so there wasn’t time to go out and explore.  It was a real shame, but it was a really cool city.

We were supposed to stop in Helsinki but the weather got really bad and we weren’t able to dock which was a real shame because we had scheduled a food tour which I would have loved to go on.

Lastly, we went to Stockholm.  We did all the necessary things while were were there, the flagship H&M and got Swedish meatballs  from Restaurang Prinsen.


I am joking, we did other things while we were there.  We went to two different coffee shops, the first was Sturekatten where the coffee was good, the atmosphere was warm and inviting, and the pastries were very traditional.  We split a piece of apple cake and a cream filled pastry heart.  The second was Sempre Espresso Bar.  The barista was friendly and knowledgeable, his latte art was beautiful, and the coffee was delicious.

We then started the long journey home.  The trip was full of delicious food and beautiful sights to see, and lots of cultures to absorb.  It was really great to finally take our honeymoon after almost a year and a half of marriage and I couldn’t have asked for a better trip.


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