Origin Story

With the resurgence of so many superhero movies and shows, and the pestering of my boss, I realized that I never really explained why I started this blog or where my seemingly odd name choice came from.  For starters, the reason I started this blog was not to be “discovered” or to become insta-famous.  I happen to really enjoy cooking and baking and since the majority of my family and friends don’t live anywhere near to my husband and I, it’s a way that they can keep up with what I am up to.  Specifically, I like that I feel that I can virtually cook with my mom, especially during the holidays.  For my mother-in-law, I want her to know that I am keeping her son well-fed.  For all of my friends, I hope to inspire them to cook and bake more! The majority of the recipes I share are pretty simple and hopefully universal palate friendly.

The name on the other hand, is a much longer and more in-depth story.  It all started six years ago when I was living abroad.  That feels so strange to say because it felt like just yesterday.  I will set the scene for everyone.  I had just turned 19 and was living with four pretty awesome girls in the “bachelorette pad” of an apartment building right outside of the heart of Jerusalem.  We were all there volunteering and it was quite the memorable summer, to say the least. I was perpetually sunburned and was running on 4 hours of sleep, tons of coffee, and the excitement that I got to live in one of the coolest cities I have ever visited.  Every nook and cranny was bursting with something to be discovered. In addition to all of the history, the food was absolutely amazing!  I ate as much hummus, pita and laffah, ruggalah, halvah, shwarma, and falafel as I could get my hands on.  I think my next post might be on all of the food I ate while living there? Check back for that one.


One of the more memorable parts was learning to passably speak Hebrew.  It may have not all stuck, but if I was one Goldstar in, I thought I could speak pretty well.  The most interesting part of being able to live with locals was picking up some of their slang. The one that stuck was the word davik (דביק).  This translates to something that is sticky, but the way it was explained to me that summer was if a guy was just laying on the lines and charm, instead of saying that he was being cheesy like we do in the states, you can say that he is being sticky sweet. Hence the work davik.  As luck would have it, that was the summer that I starting talking to my now husband.  We would chat late into the night and I would tell him all about the things going on in my life, including learning new Hebrew words.


In the process of explaining to him my new favorite slang term, I taught him another word to help him remember it, davash (דבש) or honey.  My reasoning was that they sounded similar and honey is sticky! You know, when you are learning a new language any reasoning works. From then on, I always associated the two words which is how I settled on the image of the bumblebee.  In addition to the random word association, the college my husband and I attended has a mascot that is commonly referred to as bumblebee  although it is very obviously a yellow jacket.

With all of these fond memories, they played a part in helping me discover my love and desire for baking and appreciating good food.  I am perfectly happy with the things I bake being described as sticky sweet. Perhaps sticky buns are next on the to-bake list 🙂


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