Holiday Cookies

Love them or hate them (although I am not sure it is possible to hate them) holiday cookies are a defining part of the season.  For me, it is yet another reason to dirty every dish in my kitchen and give out cookies.  I personally don’t think there are any rules or guidelines when it … More Holiday Cookies

Spice Cookies

It may not be fall yet everywhere in the US, but it Seattle it feels like fall is fully upon us.  The changing of the season comes the changing of recipes and the social acceptability of making everything pumpkin flavored. I am all for hopping on the pumpkin wagon and don’t worry, those recipes are … More Spice Cookies

Oatmeal Cream Pies

I think that everyone growing up had a favorite Little Debbie treat that would occasionally show up in their lunch box or an after school snack.  Be it a Cosmic Brownie, Zebra Cake, Swiss Roll, or Fudge Round, just the sight of the box would send joy and excitement through your body just waiting to devour … More Oatmeal Cream Pies

Sausalito Cookies

I have been waiting for inspiration to strike and it hasn’t been happening which accounts for the lack of posts this past week.  It’s not that I didn’t want to bake, I just wanted to do something new and different.  Today’s inspiration is thanks in large part of my boss.  She was talking about making … More Sausalito Cookies

Sugar Shocks

You know the first time you taste something that becomes your favorite and you know that will be the standard that everything else will be compared to? Well that is how I feel about about my very favorite childhood cookie.  Some people may call them sugar cookies, but to us, they will forever be known … More Sugar Shocks