The Other Soup

I love how food can be associated with memories.  That a bite or a smell can send you back in time.  Hopefully it’s a happy one.  Once there is a nip in the air and the days get shorter, for me at least, I sometimes need a little cheering up.  There is nothing like a … More The Other Soup

Origin Story

With the resurgence of so many superhero movies and shows, and the pestering of my boss, I realized that I never really explained why I started this blog or where my seemingly odd name choice came from.  For starters, the reason I started this blog was not to be “discovered” or to become insta-famous.  I happen … More Origin Story


One of the downsides of living so far away from family, besides all of the obvious things, is traveling during the holidays. My husband and I typically bite the bullet and just suck it up, but this year has been insane.  We have both been traveling a ton and it just doesn’t make sense this … More Friendsgiving

Spice Cookies

It may not be fall yet everywhere in the US, but it Seattle it feels like fall is fully upon us.  The changing of the season comes the changing of recipes and the social acceptability of making everything pumpkin flavored. I am all for hopping on the pumpkin wagon and don’t worry, those recipes are … More Spice Cookies