Marinara Sauce

I am actively trying to stop buying things that I can make myself and Marinara sauce, Red Sauce, Sunday gravy, or whatever you want to call it, is on the list of something I have stopped buying.  I completely understand that dishes need to be seasoned, but I find store bought sauces on the salty … More Marinara Sauce


Every Friday around 2 pm I start my challah.  By now it has become such a p art of me that I don’t even have to look at the original recipe anymore! Gasp! I know. It is so soothing now, that I feel a little off on we eks that I don’t do it. To preface this … More Challah

Pound Cake

You know how a taste or smell can illicit such deep meaning and memories? Well that is what pound cake does for me.  Not just any old pound cake though.  The kind with just a hint of lemon and a crust that has a bit of a crunch.  When I am feeling nostalgic, that is … More Pound Cake